Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nora Ephron - a rich and creative life

Ms. Nora Ephron at Seattle Arts & Lectures, 11/18/2010, to promote her book, I Remember Nothing.
My floral arrangement for the occasion: red roses, white callas, NW cedar and holly.
I was sad to hear Nora Ephron's passing ( this morning on NPR after driving my daughter to work in Atlanta. I had the honor of making the floral arrangement when she spoke at Seattle Arts & Lectures 11/18/2010 ( By sheer coincidence my daughter was just asking in the car why I haven't started to write yet; I will now after listening to Nora Ephron's recorded voice of not to wait and regret it ...  The floral arrangement I made for Ms. Ephron consisted of red roses and white calla lilies with Northwest cedar and holly. By mere coincidence the NY Times profiled her in the following Sunday's View section with photos of her in her apartment and guess what was on the table? A bouquet of roses ...

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