Saturday, June 30, 2012

Market Totes And Checkout 'Knockouts'
I was truly surprised and disappointed at the New York Times for publishing Jane Herman's article on the prices of ‘market totes’ and ‘checkout knockouts’ that cost from $32.00 to $495.00 (!!!) with $68.00 and $195.00 in between?!  NY Times 6/3/2012, Is she with ‘the Times’ (pardon the pun) or out of synch with today’s real world?! Perhaps Ms. Herman only keeps wealthy (still) friends?

Attached is the photograph I took of 3 gorgeous and huge (14” x 16 ½”), bright/splash-colored totes of fruits and olives that are also sturdy/waterproof (I used it in the rain!) and cost me a ‘whooping’ 0.96 (96 cents euro) EACH!!! I bought these at the Spanish department store chain, El Corte Inglés, in Spain when I was there this May.

Another wonderful PLUS – it became my consolidated ‘1-piece carry-on’ (fit my messenger bag, full size/frame Nikon camera and camera bag, snacks, book, etc.) for boarding flights that now only allow 2 piece carry-on’s! I also took my travel group to buy them and they’re eternally grateful for the “cheapest, best quality and most popular/practical ‘souvenir’ for friends and family!”

I offered the NY Times that I'll be happy to send in and submit write-ups of more truly 'priceless' treasures to share with the paper and its readers but haven't heard back.

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