Monday, August 22, 2011


A friend shared the link about a pianist who caused quite a 'stir' at a recent concert at the Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl,
By coincidence I just recently read a NYTimes article on the same pianist, Yuja Wang, and tragically how classical pianists are now "Virtuosos (correction: plural should be 'Virtuosi') Becoming a Dime a Dozen",
I’m not at all surprised at Yuja Wang's outfit. It’s the shock value (Stupid!)! Even classical pianists now have to update to ‘Twitter age’ standards and do ANYthing to attract/seduce the audience, sell tickets and get engagements in order to survive… I still recall the excellent pianist Jundi Li (,  who won the Int'l Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw, Poland, at age 24 (the youngest winner in the history of the competition)! Sadly he is too ‘straight’(=decent) and professional and doesn’t ‘prostitute’ himself (sorry for the strong word for lack of a better ‘metaphor’) like Lang Lang, the 'ultimate melodrama'; therefore dropped by Deutsche Grammophon! Many people were disgusted but guess – this is the 22nd century ‘state of the arts’?! Read my identical sentiments in an excellent Wall St. Journal article, 'Why Yundi Li Got Cut',
Guess I have a lot to thank for … that my daughter is not a performing pianist and has and loves her current exciting job! Today's floral photo is an arrangement I just made for the 2011 Kirkland Art Center's ( Annual Members Show in Kirkland, WA.

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