Friday, July 29, 2011

DON'T sign up with Verizon!

No wonder verizon is behind att, and worst - in CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I switched to verizon from att several years ago and may switch BACK now! I JUST added int'l feature to my phone 3 days ago because I needed to make int'l calls but had to change the account owner to my spouse this morning so verizon CANCELED our int'l feature WITHOUT INFORMING US - the CUSTOMER!!! I found out when i needed to make an urgent int'l call and was told by a 'recording' I had no such feature! After calling customer service i was told i had to wait for ONE MONTH prior to adding the intl feature (again!) because our account is now considered a 'NEW' account! We had to go through HELL to get our account add BACK the intl feature!!!

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